Future event: Cervical Cancer

20 – 26 January 2013 is Cervical Cancer Prevention Week (CCPW). CCPW is a European wide initiative led by the European Cervical Cancer Association and Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust take the lead role in promoting the week in the UK. “Prevention Week will focus on all things relating to cervical cancer including information about symptoms and causes of the disease, ways to prevent it and support us.

As you will be aware cervical cancer is a preventable disease yet the charity supports too many women diagnosed because they delayed or ignored their cervical screening invitation and we are greatly concerned that uptake is getting worse. In addition to raising awareness about prevention we will also be highlighting cervical cancer symptoms based on data from a survey we ran to women diagnosed with the disease that showed a high percentage were not aware that their symptoms were related to cervical cancer. As a result we will be launching a new poster which will help increase awareness of symptoms. “