Embedding the 6 Cs into clinical research practice and management

Br J Nurs. 2014 Apr 10;23(7):365-7.   Author: Hardicre J.
Compassion in Practice was launched by the Chief Nursing Officer (CNO), Jane Cummings, at the CNO’s Conference in December 2012 (Cummings and Bennett, 2012). The values and behaviours of this 3-year plan have been embraced. It has driven the NHS action and change agenda with calls for every nurse, midwife and member of the care team to implement the 6 Cs into practice (NHS Commissioning Board, 2013) and, furthermore, into all areas of health, public health and social care services. This was almost palpable around NHS Change Day in March 2014 and the rapid recruitment of caremakers acting as ambassadors for change and the implantation of the 6 Cs into practice.
The values and behaviours of the 6 Cs are:
■ Care
■ Compassion
■ Competence
■ Communication
■ Courage
■ Commitment.

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