Leading change in diagnosis and support for people living with dementia

DementiaAccording to The King’s Fund, there are an estimated 850,000 people with dementia in the United Kingdom – a figure set to double over the next two decades – plus an estimated 500,000 carers for people with dementia.

On 24 February, The King’s Fund and the Alzheimer’s Society are hosting a one-day conference to celebrate recent progress in support for people and families living with dementia.

Anderson S.G., Roberts H., Malipatil N., Dunn G., Heald A.H: Diabetic Medicine

A higher index of multiple socioeconomic deprivation predisposes to development of painful peripheral neuropathy in Type 1 diabetes.

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DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/dme.12091

Improving Patient Safety Conference: November 2012

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‘This government has one overriding goal for the NHS – for it to produce outcomes that are among the best in the world. Simple to say – hard to deliver – impossible without an absolute commitment to patient safety.’

– Rt Hon Simon Burns MP, Minister for Patient Safety, Department of Health

In the 12 months leading up to September 2011, the National Patient Safety Agency recorded over 1.3 million patient safety incidents in England and Wales. It is estimated that the cost of patient safety incidents cost over £2bn a year, with a further £1bn being spent on healthcare associated infections (HCAI). With these figures in mind, we are proud to present the Reducing HCAIs and Improving Patient Safety Conference 2012, a forum for key stakeholders and practitioners to come together to discuss best practice in improving clinical outcomes through better, more through, patient care, stronger regulation in secondary care and improved use of new technologies to manage patient care and flow.

A limited number of free places available on first come first served basis.

A key pathway to ensuring that patient safety incidences are kept to a minimum is through the use of new, cutting edge, technologies. Technology in patient safety has proven to reduce errors in operating theatres, increased reporting of incidences on hospital wards and the key enabler to drive efficiency to reduce the £3bn cost associated with patient safety and healthcare associated infections.

Innovation & Issues in Perioperative and Operating Theatre Management Conference

MCC, Manchester – 13 September 2012

Theatre and preoperative management is constantly in the spotlight and particularly in the prevailing economic climate. Managers and clinicians are under constant pressure to find and devise effective and efficient solutions to ensure safe but cost-effective care. This day offers the opportunity to network and learn of some of those initiatives.

Event: Dementia – A National Crisis, 4th October 2012, Manchester Conference Centre

  • Do you want to learn more about the governments plan to improve the outcomes and quality of life for both sufferers and carers?
  • Do you want to see dementia sufferers and their carers receive the respect and dignity they deserve?
  • There are currently 800,000 sufferers of dementia in the UK
  • Dementia costs society over £23bn per annum, twice the cost of cancer and with a prediction of over a million sufferers by 2021

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Confirmed Speakers Include

Andrew Chidgey
Director of External Affairs, Alzheimer’s Society

Ann Johnson
Resident, Sunrise Community of Hale Barns

Professor Alistair Burns
National Clinical Director for Dementia, Department Of Health

Martin Green
Chief Executive, English Community Care Association

Topics to be Discussed

Making dementia a national priority
What’s new on the research front
Improving care, improving quality of life
Living with dementia

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A New Strategy for NHS Procurement: Securing the Future of NHS Services

Manchester Conference Centre17th April 2012.

By 2015 the NHS aims to have delivered savings of £20bn

  • Following consultations with the health sector the Department of Health has been working with the NHS to draw up a new strategy for NHS procurement
  • Are you involved in procurement in the health sector?
  • Interested in hearing about the New Strategy for NHS Procurement?

Register Your Place Today  Confirmed Speakers Include

Main Sponsor: John Neilson: Chief Executive, NHS Shared Business Services

John Warrington: Deputy Director, Procurement, Department of Health

Lord Hunt of Kings Heath: President, Health Care Supply Association

Catherine Beardshaw:
Chief Executive, Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Aaron Cummins: Chair, Foundation Trust Network Finance Directors Forum

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The Department of Health is working with the NHS to draw up a new strategy for NHS procurement and this will be published by 31st March 2012. A New Strategy for NHS Procurement will help launch this initiative and engage with all parts of the NHS, both to brief delegates and promote discussion about how it can be implemented, the implications and, in particular, how the savings can be achieved.

Delegates will have the chance to challenge, discuss and debate the key issues and gain relevant insight applicable to their professional roles which they can embed within their organisations and improve services.