Healthwatch calls for change to discharge process

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Healthwatch England has called for national change to the process of discharging people from health and care settings, following a special inquiry which has underscored the human and financial cost of poor and unsafe discharges from health services.

With more than one million emergency readmissions within 30 days of discharge in 2012/13 alone, costing an estimated £2.4 billion, the organisation said on Tuesday that the time has come for “concerted action and coordinated national leadership to ensure the discharge process meets people’s needs.”

IHC – one to watch

“International Healthcare Comparisons: The ‘On-call’ Facility for International Healthcare Comparisons provides timely, targeted, relevant and concise information on a range of health policy themes from Europe, Australia and New Zealand to inform health policy developments in England. “

This looks an interesting site with published reports of note – see below
Preventing emergency readmissions to hospital. A scoping review (2012)