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Available on a free-to-subscribe basis, these ezines will provide health service staff with practical information, advice and techniques that they can put into practice on a day-by-day basis, without having to invest large portions of time, to improve their working performance and develop their knowledge base.

FREE ezines available include:

  • Mastering Management in Healthcare: For clinicians developing their careers management becomes an increasingly large portion of their role. From experienced healthcare management consultants, Andrew Price and Andrew Scowcroft, this ezine gives you the practical tools needed to become a better, more effective manager.
  • Medical Education: From editor of BMJ Learning, Dr Kieran Walsh with Ed Farrow, this ezine provides thoughtful discussion of theory and methods for educators across the heath care sector, from training managers to medical academics
  • Leadership for Doctors: Useful guidance and tools for doctors moving into leadership roles at all levels, this ezine will prove particularly useful for junior doctors developing new leadership skills. Written by experienced GP and Director of Public Health Education at Cambridge, Dr Stephen Gillam and Dr Emma McGrath, a clinical leadership fellow.

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