NHS Networks: News update

NHS England publishes staffing data

The NHS has published nurse, midwife and care staffing data down to ward level for the first time.  Read more »

NHS Foundation Trust bulletin June 2014

This monthly newsletter contains information for NHS foundation trust chairs, chief executives, finance, medical and nursing directors, board secretaries and other leaders.             Read more »

George urges people to ‘get involved’.

KNUTSFORD’S MP, George Osbourne has backed our hospital trust’s bid to become a ‘public membership’ body.

East Cheshire NHS Trust began a programme of public consultation for its plans to become an NHS Foundation Trust in November. The consultation process began at the beginning of November with three public meetings on the plans being held in Winsford, Congleton and Crewe. Guardian readers reported low turnouts for one of the events – in Winsford – and now George Osborne, MP for Tatton, is urging residents from across the area to get involved in the process.

Read the full story in the Knutsford Guardian

NHS governor training programme to be launched

A new national programme to help foundation trust governors play their crucial roles to full effect will be launched in the new year.

The NHS foundation trust governor training and development programme will be open to the 2,600 governors across the country. As the number of foundation trusts (FTs) rises over the next few years the number of governors could triple.

This week the new NHS Leadership Academy awarded the contract for the national programme to the Foundation Trust Network (FTN).

via NHS governor training programme to be launched.

Second stage – guidance for aspirant foundation trusts

The second stage of the Board Governance Assurance Framework – the Development Modules – is available. The modules cover quality governance, organisational strategy and values, and financial governance. In December 2011, the Department published the first stage of the assurance framework, which is a mandatory Board Governance Memorandum for all aspirant Foundation Trusts.

Getting to grips with governance: assurance framework for aspiring NHS foundation trusts

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Aspirant foundation trusts boards (FTs) will now receive extra guidance to help develop strong and sustainable governance arrangements, through the launch of a new board assurance framework.

Laura Roberts, Head of Provider Leadership Development at DH and a former primary care trust chief executive, led the development of the framework as part of the overall work in provider development.

Listen to Laura’s view as on why this new framework will be so valuable for NHS trusts: Original audio source (562385-laura-roberts-on-the-board-governance-assurance-framework.mp3)

With strong governance in place, patients and the public can have confidence that their local trust board will be equipped to effectively and efficiently deal with future challenges and deliver high quality health outcomes for their patients.

Laura worked in partnership with chief executives and other board members in existing FTs, as well as other stakeholders, to create the framework, which will offer valuable support and guidance to NHS trusts.

See more information on Board Governance Assurance Framework

News from The Kings Fund: 14 October

How is the NHS performing? October 2011 quarterly monitoring report
This report concludes that many NHS hospitals will struggle to deliver productivity improvements essential to maintaining quality and avoid significant cuts to services. It looks behind national figures for waiting times and infection rates to find significant variations in performance between hospitals.

Statements on the Health and Social Care Bill: second reading

The Health and Social Care Bill had its second reading on 11 October 2011.

Please see below for a selection of comments and statements on this.

Achievement of foundation trust status by NHS hospital trusts
This report finds that the difficulty of achieving foundation trust status is magnified by the challenge trusts face in making year-on-year cost savings of at least four per cent. It concludes that many trusts will have to achieve even greater savings than this to show that they are financially viable.