The implications of the Francis report (Obstetrics, Gynaecology & Reproductive Medicine)

The implications of the Francis report
PD Simpson, EP Morris – Obstetrics, Gynaecology & Reproductive Medicine, 2014

of inadequate staff numbers and poor training as well as a lack of leadership and poor The report’s conclusion was that ‘All NHS Trusts and Foundation trusts responsible for the provision of It was published in February 2013 and has had a significant impact on the health

The failings seen at the Mid Staffordshire NHS trust have been thoroughly investigated by an independent inquiry and a public inquiry, both chaired by Robert Francis QC. The report into the failings of the healthcare governance system was published in February 2013. This review article explores the content of the ‘Francis report’ and aims to highlight the implications it has on practice within Obstetrics & Gynaecology, in particular, how the lessons learnt fit into the strategic plan set out by the Royal College. The events at Mid Staffordshire have had far reaching consequences within the NHS and we must all consider what our speciality must do to ensure an appropriate response.

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Supporting nursing students in practice

A support service at the University of Southampton has found students have an important role in improving the quality of care

The publication of the Francis report has been described by health secretary Jeremy Hunt as a seminal report that will mark a turning point for the NHS. It resisted blaming individuals, focusing instead on what could be learned from the catalogue of appalling and tragic events, with an emphasis on developing the right culture of care within the NHS, through better leadership, training and transparency.

Among the 290 recommendations were calls for a stronger requirement for organisations and staff to speak openly and honestly when things go wrong. The duty of candour has now been placed on a stronger footing. No longer merely a contractual obligation, the non-fulfillment or obstruction of this duty would become a criminal offence.

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Grand Round: 5 June 2013

The next Grand Round will take place on Wednesday, 5 June, and will be a facilitated by Dr. Rob Stead, Medical Director, entitled “Staff Conversation – Francis Report“.

The lecture takes place at 1:00pm in the new lecture theatre, 1st Floor Macclesfield District General Hospital. It will be preceded by a buffet from 12:15pm.

The following Grand Round will take place on Wednesday, 12 June, with a presentation by Dr. Arzu Cubukcu, entitled “Integrated Heart Failure Approach”.

The long awaited Mid-Staffs Public Enquiry: Report published

The final report of the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust Public Inquiry was published today, Wednesday 6 February 2013. Please use the links below to access the executive summary and a full copy of the report, along with the Chairman’s public statement on the day.

Read the report

Statement by the Chair of the Inquiry, Robert Francis QC.  This video content will be available shortly.

Key facts and figures

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