NICE: Autism spectrum disorders in children …

National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)

Autism spectrum disorders in children and young people: recognition, referral and diagnosis
This NICE guideline makes recommendations towards the establishment of local multi-disciplinary teams to improve the diagnosis and assessment of children and young people with autism.

Focus on Guidelines – who writes them, what are they and where to find them?

What are clinical guidelines?

Clinical guidelines aim to help health professionals and patients make the best decisions about treatment or care for a particular condition or situation.  Authors review the research literature and take advice from experts to include the current  evidence on which to base their guidelines recomendations. Doctors, nurses and other health care professionals are encouraged to follow clinical guidelines where appropriate.

Where can I find guidelines:

NHS Evidence

Patient UK at

Who writes clinical guidelines for the UK?

Here are some of the main UK organisations involved in publishing guidelines:

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