Changes to paper journal collection

Message from NICE EvidenceDSCF0274

NICE and Elsevier have announced that access to The Lancet (electronic) will continue to be made available for a further 12 months (1 January 2015 – 31 December 2015).

In order to secure equitable access to The Lancet we have had to negotiate the removal of access to the print version of the journal.

You will no longer receive a print copy of the Lancet from 1 January 2015.

The Staff Library will however, still be accepting those paper journals which we receive as donations, including HSJ.



Blogging as therapy

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An interesting article in last week’s Health Services Journal on Blogging: patient led therapy in a digital world – it appears that blogging can be good for you!


Read some inspiring stories by clicking the link above.

“Blogging as a therapy can be life changing. Reading these stories is an education, an emotional experience, a journey. There are some very practical insights, some philosophical points and some clear messages for developing a great and relevant future healthcare system.” Roz Davies


5.4pc of East Cheshire Trust diagnostic waits over six weeks

As reported in the HSJ 10 August, 2012

PERFORMANCE: 5.4 per cent of patients awaiting diagnostic tests from the trust in June had been on its waiting list for more than six weeks, against a national target that fewer than 1 per cent of patients should wait that long.

Latest Department of Health data show there were 2,089 patients on East Cheshire’s diagnostics waiting list at the end of the month, of which 112 had been waiting past the six-week threshold.

The trust had the second-highest proportion of over-six-week waiters among NHS providers in the North West. The highest was for Liverpool Community Health Trust, at 17.9 per cent.

Source: Monthly Diagnostics Provider