Shaping the future of healthcare from an equality, diversity and human rights perspective

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The role of the EDC is to help shape the future of healthcare from an equality, diversity and human rights perspective, and to improve the quality of care for all. In the first of series of blogs, co-chair of the Equality and Diversity Council (EDC), Joan Saddler provides an update from the most recent quarterly meeting and offers an insight into the latest thinking behind the programme of work.

Focus on Equality Diversity and Human Rights

Now in it’s second year, last week saw the first day of NHS Equality, Diversity and Human Rights week 2013, which ran from 13-17 May.
Equality and Diversity week balloons
Whilst this post may not have been published in time, we feel this subject  deserves a mention not just for a week but for all year, every year.  Now in its second year, the NHS-wide Equality, Diversity and Human Rights week is an opportunity for NHS organisations to raise awareness of equality and diversity.

Getting the most from information and sharing knowledge openly

NHS organisations around the country will highlight their work and raise awareness of equality and diversity locally. Raising awareness of equality and diversity issues and taking action ensures the NHS continues to meet the diverse needs of local populations and is a place where staff from all backgrounds want to work.

This year the theme has been knowledge and data – with an emphasis on collecting high quality information, getting the most from information and sharing knowledge openly.

Join in: #eqw2013

More information is available from NHS Employers where you can tap into E&D literature all year round and at these other websites.

Kings Fund: Close to home

Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) Close to home: an inquiry into older people and human rights in home care. The inquiry has found that although many older people receive care at home which respects and enhances their human rights, this is by no means a universal experience. It uncovered areas of concern in the treatment of some older people and shortcomings in the way that care is commissioned by local authorities. Full report Executive summary EHRC – inquiry into home care of older people EHRC – press release