Britton E; Saravanan R; Koss K; Nelson E, Journal of Crohn’s and Colitis, February 2012

Journal: Conference abstract

An audit of IBD care: Are we up to standards? A patients perspective

Citation: , vol./is. 6/(S144-S145), 1873-9946 (February 2012)

Author(s): Britton E.; Saravanan R.; Koss K.; Nelson E.

Institution: (Britton, Saravanan, Koss, Nelson) Macclesfield District General Hospital, United Kingdom

Abstract: Background: IBD is estimated to affect approximately 400 patients per 100,000 population. A UK wide audit in 2006 demonstrated a wide variation in the quality of care provided. As a direct result a Working Group, was formed to recommend national standards for IBD care. The audit cycles on an annual basis to asses each units adherence to the standards of: A. High quality clinical care B. Local delivery of care C. Maintaining a patient-centred service D. Patient education and support E. Information technology and audit F. Evidence-based practice and research [1] While the national audit is able to adequately assess certain aspects of the standards. We sought to demonstrate how the use of a patient survey can complement the national audit to assess our patients understanding of their disease, access to education/support and overall satisfaction.

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Inflammatory Bowel Disease Forum: 16 November

East Cheshire News

  • Macclesfield District General Hospital, Education and Training Centre. The second forum will focus on IBD and your diet, IBD and immuno supression and IBD and your joints.
  • Presentations will be delivered on these topics by
    Dr Knight – Consultant Rheumatologist,
    A Hamilton – GI Dietician and
    Dr Koss and Dr Saravanan.
    If you would like to attend, please contact Liz Nelson or Janet Stubbs on 01625 661653.

Don’t forget World COPD Day  16 November

New forum for IBD

Extract from Trust news bulletin

Earlier this year East Cheshire NHS Trust teamed up with Crohn’s and Colitis UK and The NHS Smoking Cessation Team to launch a new patient forum for people suffering from debilitating bowel conditions, such as Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.

The new support forum was established as part of a number of service developments for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) patients at East Cheshire NHS Trust, to improve access, education and early diagnosis of IBD.

Following the success of the first forum in March 2011, the trust will host their second patient forum on 16 November from 17.30pm at Macclesfield District General Hospital’s Education and Training Centre. The trust is encouraging patients, relatives and visitors to come along and take part in the group and learn more about their condition, management and long term outcomes.

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