Italian nurses provide a continental flavour to the Library

On a cold and unappealing January day, the Library was pleased to welcome a second group of nurses from Italy, none of whom seemed to be missing their warmer homeland! Their visit formed just one part of an induction programme designed to prepare them for their new lives as members of staff at East Cheshire NHS Trust, Macclesfield.

Language was not a problem as the group of 13 filled out forms, met with library staff and cheerfully absorbed all the information that was given to them.

We look forward to seeing them again soon. Caio!


Day 1 for F1

Welcome and good luck to all our F1 doctors starting at East Cheshire Trust, Macclesfield today.  We look forward to meeting you all later and hope that you will settle in very soon.  The Staff Library is here to help you with anything from ‘how do I get an Athens account’ to ‘where can we get a coffee’ – the answer in both cases of course, is the Library – open 24/7.

Please check out our website for more detailed information at