Surplus NHS land for housing published | Department of Health

Details of potentially surplus land for housing in the NHS published | Department of Health.

Details of potentially surplus land for housing, currently owned by NHS organisations, which is no longer required nor likely to be needed for health service purposes in the future have been published. The information was provided by each of the 399 NHS trusts in England to the Department of Health through a central data collection.

The main findings from the 2012 data collection from NHS trusts, which related to parcels over 0.25 hectares, include:

  • of the total 399 NHS trusts, 188 (47 per cent) declared at least one parcel of surplus or potentially surplus land and 211 (53 per cent) gave a nil response
  • a total of 414 separate parcels of land were identified by the 188 NHS trusts who declared surplus or potentially surplus land.

See the main findings and the details of the surplus land data collection.