Learning at Work Day: TODAY! 22 May 2013

LAW ladyLook out for learning and development colleagues today who will be in the Lecture Theatre, MDGH from 11:00 – 3.00pm

Following the theme, “Many Ways to Learn” – a number of L&D representatives will be on hand to discuss and demonstrate the many learning opportunities available to staff and students.

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Skills for Health: Leadership development for the health sector

lectureSkills for Health would like to announce the launch of two new Leadership Development programmes. The Leadership and Management Programme and the Team Leading Development Programme have been designed specifically for the UK health sector to address ‘real-life’ work challenges. Our leadership programmes can help you develop tomorrows’ leaders from within your organisation, develop a consistently strong leadership culture, and contribute to real performance improvements.

Our open courses allow participants to learn alongside colleagues from different health sector environments, learning from others and sharing common experiences. Alternatively, programmes can be customised for a group of employees, providing opportunities to link programme learning with other organisational development activities.

The Leadership and Management Programme

Offered as a Level 5 Leadership Certificate, this progressive programme focuses on both management and leadership development, aiming to equip operational leaders with the skills and knowledge they require to be effective managers along with an understanding of their own leadership capability. Read More.

The Team Leading Development Programme

This leadership development programme is accredited as a Level 3 Leadership Certificate that focuses on equipping leaders of front line services with the confidence and leadership skills they need to enable staff to deliver good quality services. It provides the skills and knowledge to start their development into team leaders that engage with staff, gain respect, focus on quality and create a high performing culture within their team. Read More.

Our knowledge and experience of the health sector means that our delivery team has first hand experience of supporting and developing the health sector workforce and the programme content is relevant and appropriate.

To find out more, visit www.skillsforhealth.org.uk/leadership,

New Year opportunity – 3 Learning events

Eastern Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group and East Cheshire NHS Trust have specified a number of Ambulatory Care Sensitive Condition Pathways which will be developed and implemented during 2012/13. These pathways contribute to the national and local healthcare agenda which supports the seamless delivery of integrated care to our patients, avoiding hospital admission where it is safe and effective to do so.

East Cheshire NHS Trust are hosting 3 learning events in 2012 to support the implementation of six pathways underpinned by best practice and NICE Guidance, and to facilitate the partnership working required to deliver interventions and treatment closer to home.  This redesign is an opportunity for colleagues from all partner organisations to work collaboratively to improve the patient experience.

Please see timetable below for dates, localities and pathways.






Congleton War Memorial Hospital     Room 9

12.30 –
1.30 pm

First Seizure



Knutsford Community Hospital     Room 3

12.30 –
1.30 pm

Pulmonary Embolism



Waters Green MC Macclesfield
Training Room 2

12.30 –
1.30 pm



If you are interested in attending one or all of the events, please indicate which by return email to ecn-tr.BusinessSupportUnit@nhs.net as this will help us to plan effectively for the events.

Please do not hesitate to contact Karen.shawhan@nhs.net or Elizabeth.muskett@nhs.net if you require any further information.

A new look at OnMedica

The onmedica.com website is designed for UK healthcare professionals. Registration is required to access materials which are suitable for general practitioners, locums, secondary care doctors, registrars, nurses and practice managers. OnMedica contains information about drugs and treatments that is aimed at healthcare professionals, including promotional presentations about drugs (in the Medicines Interactive section), which it is illegal to show to consumers under UK legislation regarding direct to consumer advertising of medicinal products.  Sponsored material is clearly identifiable.

OnMedica also provides a number of educational activities/courses which usually take some hours to complete. There are case histories which use the same learning approach but are shorter exercises. Both provide OnMedica continuing medical education (CME) credit.

Registered users can easily stay in touch with updates and changes to the site either via email or by subscribing to a wide selection of news feeds.

Opening the door to the Open University

Online learning resources

The Open University leads the way in developing online learning resources. Here you can discover some of their most popular sites.  Take a look, experiment and share them out amongst your staff, colleagues and friends.

A process for rapid learning:

NHS Alliance

A process for rapid learning: sharing experience when things go wrong in out-of-hours services – reflections one year on This paper reviews the collaborative work of ten out-of-hours providers over the past year. It highlights the benefits of rapid learning and some of the key issues around how providers learn and share information within organisations and across the wider out-of-hours system.