BMJ Learning modules – June

As the pollen season is reaching its peak there tends to be an increase in patients wanting information on allergic rhinitis.

Questions may include: which antihistamines are the least sedating? Will antihistamines help nasal congestion? What are the side effects of intranasal corticosteroids? 

To get the answers and to learn more about this topic, then click on the link to complete this module today.  Allergic rhinitis: an update on treatment

Additional modules on mood disorders – see below.

Resource Watch: PILLARS

Pillars is an online resource designed to help you to improve your ability to search for and use high quality, up-to date information for your NHS role, professional development and academic work.  

Pillars also offers ways to improve your IT and Study Skills, tapping into quality  materials from providers including the Open University.

Choose a subject of interest, then select from a list of topics and resources. Resources could be demos or tutorials, documents or web pages.  

Visit PILLARS at

Skills for Care: Supporting dementia workers

Supporting dementia workers: a case study-based manager’s guide to good practice in learning and development for social care workers supporting people with dementia
This guide supports leaders and managers in developing their workforces to enable them to provide the highest quality of care for people with dementia. It considers how workforce planning and development can best improve the outcomes for people with dementia, supporting managers to work in the most effective way with training providers to deliver service outcomes and implement the Common Core Principles to Support People with Dementia.