Amber LQAF looking good

Thank you to everyone who took part in our annual library LQAFquestionnaire earlier this year. The data and feedback which you provided formed part of the evidence in our Library Quality Assurance Framework (LQAF) submission.  Last week, the results were published and we are pleased to announce our status in now Amber having scored 89% – only 1% short of our target Green status.



LQAF success for the Library – onwards and upwards!

Library staff returning to work this week began the new year with some excellent news.  The NW Health Care Libraries Unit have validated our library and knowledge service’s (LKS) compliance against the national standards and awarded us 91% in the NHS Library Quality Assurance Framework (England) – known as the LQAF.  This result  is well above last year’s score and puts us safely above average scores for the region on both counts for the first time.