New One Liner for October

One Liners issue 98 – October 2013


This is a news sheet aimed at healthcare professionals, which highlights problems with the use of medical devices.

ALL medical devices can fail but an increasing number of incidents that result in significant morbidity or mortality arise out of user error or because of poor practices. This edition highlights common issues that have been encountered and provides guidance on preventing problems in the future.

Medical Devices Alert: January 2013

One Liners issue 96 – January 2013  

A news sheet aimed at healthcare professionals highlighting concerns relating to the use of medical devices.



Poster for Safe use of bed rails (1504Kb)

Bed rails successfully prevent many falls, but their incorrect use has resulted in the deaths of bed occupants by asphyxiation through entrapment in gaps.

Risk assessment is key to ensure safe use. It should start with the bed occupant and include the combination of the proposed equipment, the bed and the mattress.   This poster complements our more detailed guidance ‘Safe use of bed rails’ DB 2006(06) v2.0.

Bed rails poster