Mentoring now available from the Library and Knowledge Service

AmandaAmanda Gardner, our E-resources Librarian, is now able to provide mentoring for people, giving support for learning and development wherever you are in your career. These come in the form of 1-1 guidance and provide the mentee with help around professional development and career goals.

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Pritchard E, Gidman J.; British Journal of Community Nursing, March 2012

Br J Community Nurs. 2012 Mar;17(3):119-2, 124.

Effective mentoring in the community setting
by Pritchard E, Gidman J.

Source: East Cheshire NHS Trust, Macclesfield, Cheshire


As nurses, we are expected to demonstrate the linking of theory to practice, undertake continuous assessment and to facilitate reflective practice. Literature suggests that the majority of mentors feel unprepared for the role and lack confidence in their ability to support students (Duffy, 2004). The main challenges facing mentors are understanding the needs of each individual and adapting and developing strategies in order to support them effectively. Whilst there is a major cognitive / intellectual component to mentorship both student and mentor often experience difficulties with these aspects of their roles (Moseley and Davies, 2008).  By recognizing the need to gain insight into the students individual needs mentors will be able to identify any concerns and develop action plans in order to alleviate them.

Available in fulltext at EBSCOhost 

FREE equality and inclusion web seminar

Free equality and inclusion web seminar programme for 2012 – 9.45am, Wednesday 18 January

The Leadership for Equality team is continuing its series of free web seminars for anyone in the NHS working towards equality and inclusion in the service. The first seminar of the year is being held on Wednesday 18 January. Professor David Clutterbuck, one of the world’s leading authorities on mentoring, will explore the nature and skills of effective mentoring both generally and in the context of diversity.

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If we can assist you with this event please contact the Staff Library on 01625 66 1362 – book a computer, headphones etc.