Did you know that the library is available 24/7?


If you need somewhere quiet to work uninterrupted or want to catch up on study time – the library in New Alderley House, at Macclesfield Hospital, can be accessed 24 hours a day.

You can use your  East Cheshire NHS Trust swipe card to gain access into New Alderley House and onto the 2nd floor where the library is located.

All the computers are available for use and the self-service machine can be used to borrow or return books.

We also have  an e-learning folder available, with documents providing guidance and trouble-shooting tips to resolve the most common issues.

If you want to find out more then just drop by or give us a call on 01625 661362.

NHS Networks: News update

NHS England publishes staffing data

The NHS has published nurse, midwife and care staffing data down to ward level for the first time.  Read more »

NHS Foundation Trust bulletin June 2014

This monthly newsletter contains information for NHS foundation trust chairs, chief executives, finance, medical and nursing directors, board secretaries and other leaders.             Read more »

NHS Constitution: Better training, better care

newsletterBetter training better care, issue 6, February 2013  – latest newsletter from the NHS Constitution

“In this edition of BTBC News, we look at our ‘Role of the Trainee’ project and the exciting prospects it contains –
including the chance for doctors in training to make their mark on the NHS training landscape via the Inspire Improvement! funding”

Eyes on Evidence newsletter: Issue 45, January 2013

NHS Evidence produces Eyes on Evidence – you can sign up to receive regular emails.

A retrospective case record review shows the number of preventable deaths in English NHS hospitals is unacceptably high, but not as high as previously estimated.
An analysis of the impact of New York City policy to restrict the use of trans fat for human consumption shows a significant fall in the trans fat content of fast food purchases, without a commensurate rise in the level of saturated fat. 
A systematic review and meta-analysis show that the molecular detection of tumour cells in regional lymph nodes is associated with an increased risk of disease recurrence and poor survival in patients with node-negative colorectal cancer.
Results of a randomised controlled trial show that offering either additional free nicotine replacement therapy or higher intensity proactive telephone counselling to people who rang a national helpline for support to stop smoking, did not increase quit rates over and above those obtained using standard helpline support. 
A Cochrane review concludes that antihypertensive drugs have not been shown to reduce mortality or morbidity in adults with mild hypertension and no previous cardiovascular events. Significantly more people taking antihypertensive treatment discontinued treatment due to adverse effects, compared with placebo. However, the review has some significant limitations. 
The QIPP Collection highlights examples of local best practice, demonstrating how NHS organisations have implemented new practices which have both cut costs and improved quality.