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Manager’s Bulletins

MH900422236[1]Whether you manage several teams or just a couple of individuals, did you know that NHS Employers regularly produce the NHS Managers Bulletins which provide tools, information and advice on people management. Everything from sickness/absence to making the appraisal process more satisfying.

Here are some links to the latest ones:


NHS Employers: Calculating new mileage rates – poster




New mileage rates from 1 July 2014
How is mileage allowance calculated? Following the latest changes to the mileage allowance rates we have produced a poster that clearly presents the breakdown in costs and charges and compares 2013 to 2014 mileage rates. The new rates will apply to journeys made by NHS employees on and after 1 July 2014. The changes are also outlined in pay circular AfC 2/2014, and the terms and conditions handbook will be updated and republished shortly. You can access the poster, new pay circular, as well as a summary and FAQs on the changes, from our latest news page.
Extract from NHS Employers website

How the NHS is structured- Infographic

The changes to the NHS that came into force on 1 April 2013 are complex.

This infographic poster aims to explain, in a simplified way, to both patients and
staff, how the new NHS is structured. Not every aspect is included because it would
be overly complex, but we hope that you find it useful. Download the poster here.

NHS Employers



NHS Networks: HR and Social Media guidance

NHS Employers has published guidance to help the NHS realise the benefits of social media and implement a more permissive approach to its use.
‘HR and social media in the NHS’ explains that social media is increasingly becoming central to the ongoing effectiveness of the NHS. It argues that there is a need for a more open approach alongside greater clarity on professional behaviour and the importance of confidentiality.  The guidance provides examples to help human resources managers, leaders and communications staff use social media more effectively within their organisations.

Health visitor employment:

: from training to practice – a guide for employers

This briefing outlines an employment model to help meet the required increase of health visitor training places. It describes the employment model, its benefits and what you need to consider if you decide to implement this approach. It aims to help provide a commitment of employment to students, increasing the confidence of undecided potential applicants to move into the profession.

Guide to NHS acronym

Acomprehensive acronym buster to make sense of the many acronyms used in the NHS.  Browse alphabetically by clicking on the letters shown at this site.

via Acronym buster from NHS Employers


Staff engagement toolkit survey

NHS Employers launched an online staff engagement toolkit last year and are now carrying out a review of its content and usability.

Pay Circular 2012

NHS Employers

Pay circular on Agenda for Change pay rates from 1st April 2012
NHS Employers has published the new pay rates for staff on Agenda for Change contracts, effective from 1st April 2012. The Government has confirmed that staff earning up to £21,000 per year will receive a flat rate pay increase of £250 from 1st April 2012. Other staff will be subject to the two-year pay freeze announced in the emergency budget in June 2010.

Implementing the Equality Act 2010: interim guidance for the NHS

From NHS Employers

The Equality Act includes specific deadlines that all public bodies are legally required to meet. NHS Employers has published interim guidance to support NHS organisations with this. The guidance signposts the best advice and answers the most popular questions asked in relation to employer responsibilities.


NHS Employers: NHS pension scheme heads of agreement

NHS Employers

This framework will enable union executives to consider key pension changes that will allow local employers and trade unions to explain the changes to staff and provide reassurance on pension entitlements.

NHS Employers: Sickness/absence guidance Oct 2011

New managing sickness absence briefing available 15/11/2011

First of a series of communications, this briefing features examples of good practice from across the NHS to help inform the planning of strategies to further reduce sickness absence.

NHS Employers website


News from NHS Employers: 26 October

NHS Employers

Retaining your health visitor workforce
This document brings together suggestions and tips to help human resources, line managers and staff side representatives work together to develop a retention strategy health visitors as the number of health visitors has been in decline in recent years.

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