Acute Care Collaboration Vanguards announced

A new group, comprising 13 hospital Vanguards, was announced on 25th September.  These Vanguards are designed to facilitate the spread of excellent hospital services and management across the country by the  formation of chains at district level. The focus is on key trusts developing their reach, forming collaborations and sharing clinical and management knowledge with others. More details can be found here.

There is also a press release from the NHS Confederation supporting the move and a more information in BMJ News (note an NHS Athens Account is required to access BMJ)

Potential challenges facing distributed leadership in health care: evidence from the UK National Health Service

This article was published in Sociology of Health and Illness. First published online on 20 DEC 2014 and written by Graeme MartinNic BeechRobert MacIntosh and Stacey Bushfield.    DOI: 10.1111/1467-9566.12171

The discourse of leaderism in health care has been a subject of much academic and practical debate. Recently, distributed leadership (DL) has been adopted as a key strand of policy in the UK National Health Service (NHS).  However, there is some confusion over the meaning of DL and uncertainty over its application to clinical and non-clinical staff. This article examines the potential for DL in the NHS by drawing on qualitative data from three co-located health-care organisations that embraced DL as part of their organisational strategy.


How NHS CEOs stay up-to-date

calendarThis recently published report looks at “Keeping knowledgeable: how NHS chief executive officers mobilise knowledge and information in their daily work”

This article is free to download at

Authors: Nicolini D, Powell J, Korica M.
Journal: Health Services and Delivery Research Volume: 2 Issue: 26
Publication date: August 2014
DOI: 10.3310/hsdr02260

NHS to have own comparison site

Extract from BBC News

moneyA price comparison website is being created to help the NHS in England save millions of pounds in the way it purchases good and services.

It will include details of what NHS trusts are paying for everything from rubber gloves and stitches to new hips and building work.

The post of procurement champion has also been created to help improve purchasing systems.

The NHS has been heavily criticised for the way it buys supplies.

Two years ago the National Audit Office estimated that more than 10% could be saved through better procurement.

NHS staff and a new era of education and training

Extract from DoH

Health Minister Dr Dan Poulter has today announced a wide ranging series of measures to improve the training, values and education of all NHS staff over the next two years and beyond.

The measures have been published in the government’s mandate to Health Education England, a new arms-length body set up to give NHS training and education unprecedented focus and importance. It will be backed by £5 billion and will be accountable to ministers for delivering the goals set out in today’s document.

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NHS pension scheme: government response to consultation

22 March, 2013 published

The government response to the consultation on  draft NHS pension scheme regulations is published. The draft regulations were confirmed with some proposals modified or withdrawn based on the comments received.  

This document provides a summary of the consultation findings and a response to the comments received.

Securing the future financial sustainability of the NHS – National Audit Office

Health and social care

Securing the future financial sustainability of the NHS

This report found that, although in 2011-12 there was a surplus of £2.1 billion across the NHS as a whole, there is also some financial distress, particularly in some hospital trusts. It concludes that it is hard to see how continuing to give financial support to organisations in difficulty will be a sustainable way of reconciling growing demand for healthcare with the size of efficiency gains required within the NHS and that without major change for some providers, the financial pressure on them will only get more severe.

via Securing the future financial sustainability of the NHS – National Audit Office.

Victoria Infirmary News

A NEW voice has joined the campaign to maintain services at Northwich’s infirmary.

A doctor spoke to Northwich Town Council at its latest meeting about proposals to cut the GP out of hours service at Victoria Infirmary Northwich (VIN).  Dr Adrian Heald stressed that he was speaking as a private citizen when he addressed town councilors about the service, which has been under consultation because it is under-used.

A decision about reducing the service at VIN and moving the resources to Leighton Hospital was expected to be made in April but health bosses from East Cheshire NHS Trust decided to look into it further after public outcry in the initial consultation.

Speaking to town councillors, Dr Heald emphasised the difficulties for mid Cheshire patients travelling to Crewe if they did not own a car and said the current service should be advertised.

He said: “What I would propose is that the public of Vale Royal are made fully aware of the GP out of hours provision at VIN in evenings and weekends.

“There should be advertising on relevant websites – Cheshire West and Chester Council, Cheshire East Council and the hospital website – so the public are fully aware such provision exists.

“Following a public awareness campaign we could see if there’s increased uptake at VIN.”

He added: “VIN itself makes a very important contribution to the health of people in this area and it should be built on.

East Cheshire NHS Trust is expected to update Cheshire West and Chester councillors on its plans in July.

Health Education England

Health Education England is the new national leadership organisation – ensuring that education, training, and workforce development drive the highest quality public health and patient outcomes.

The purpose of the new organisation is to ensure that the health workforce has the right skills, behaviours and training, and is available in the right numbers, to support the delivery of excellent healthcare and health improvement.

A series of webinars, aimed at NHS staff, are planned in June to produce an initial range of indicators for the five domains in the Education Outcomes Framework. Webinars will take place as follows: ‘Excellent education’ – 25 June, 11.00-12.00 ‘Competent and … Read more →

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Liberating the NHS: no decision about me, without me

Published by DoH
This consultation proposes a model of shared decision-making along the patient pathway. The model indicates where patients would be expected to have more say in decisions about their care in primary care; before a diagnosis; at referral to secondary care; and after a diagnosis had been made. The consultation welcomes views from patients, the wider public, organisations, health professionals and the NHS and closes on 20th July 2012.

Hand hygiene campaign slashes hospital infection rates

Hand hygiene campaign slashes hospital infection rates

Extract from OnMedica – ‎50 minutes ago‎

A national hand hygiene campaign designed to reduce healthcare associated infections in hospitals across England and Wales has been highly successful, concludes a study published online today by the BMJ.

The CleanYourHands campaign has played an important role in almost halving rates of MRSA and C difficile infections between 2005 and 2009 and was the first such campaign in the world to be rolled out nationally.

The government campaign was rolled out from January 2005 to all acute NHS trusts in England and Wales following concern over high levels of infections and low levels of hand hygiene in hospitals.