The King’s Fund: Information overload: tackling bureaucracy in the NHS

NHS Confederation

nhsstructure_post_2013A useful paper which lays out clearly the challenges faced by the new NHS structure post April 2013.

This report aims to bring about a reduction of the bureaucratic burden on the NHS to help organisations focus on securing the best patient care. It calls on the Department of Health and arms length bodies to take action to tackle this issue, following a review of progress made to reduce bureaucracy in the health service.

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WEBINAR: Developing and supporting telehealth in the NHS

When: 1pm-3pm,
4 September 2012

The NHS Confederation Business Development team are running a webinar on telehealth in the NHS on 4 September to discuss and resolve any issues and questions that were raised at the telehealth event at  the NHS Confederation’s annual conference on 21 June and to raise more awareness around the subject in a bid to improve overall patient care in the UK.

Dr. Shahid Ali, clinical lead patients and information directorate at the National Commissioning Board, will be speaking at the webinar.

Further details can be found on the NHS Confederation’s telehealth page, where you can book online to register for the event.

Health and Social Care news

Here is a brief extract of some of the news available from the Health and Social Care Newsletter courtesy of

NHS 111 online trials begin 
Department of Health considers new digital channels to implement NHS 111 service

Cancer care shift could save 1,000 lives
Hospital specialists, GPs and scientists have come together under the name of London Cancer

NHS trust to challenge largest ever £325k data breach fine
ICO slams NHS with a £325,000 after hard drives were sold online containing data on tens of thousands of people

NPfIT supplier admits ‘error’ over NHS income
Computer Sciences Corporation admitted to ‘intentional’ errors, in which its income from the NHS was exaggerated

‘NHS silver surfers desperate to use telehealth’ 
Electronic solutions recommended for older patients to ease burden of long-term conditions on health service

The deal’s done, but what’s in our hand? 
The NHS has endured a gruelling 18 months of hiatus and distraction, right at the point when we most need certainty and clarity. While reforms lack staff support, no one can afford them to fail, says Mike Farrar, chief executive of the NHS Confederation.

Race equality in mental health

This briefing summarises the findings and recommendations from a recent report into race equality in mental health commissioned by the Department of Health . The report is based on a series of interviews with NHS and local authority leaders. The briefing outlined findings such as black and minority ethnic groups, particularly people from black African and black Caribbean backgrounds, historically experiencing poorer outcomes than the rest of the population. It was also found that some groups continue to have higher rates of admission to inpatient units and greater rates of detention than the rest of the population.

New approaches to integrated falls prevention services

This Briefing shares the learning and recommendations from a workshop for members held by the NHS Confederation and the Ambulance Service Network on falls prevention strategies for the older population.

It is intended to help the NHS and local government think about new approaches to the commissioning and provision of comprehensive, integrated falls prevention services. It shows that a focus on prevention and early intervention through joint working has benefits for the whole health and social care system, and that not taking action may soon become unaffordable.

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