Maintaining High Professional Standards Consultation

Extract from NHS Employers quest

This short survey aims to gather views on the disciplinary framework for doctors and dentists employed by the NHS. The changes to the structure of the NHS and the introduction of medical revalidation have influenced the way in which the framework operates. Comments are being welcomed until 6th September 2013.

NHS Employers News: Spending wisely

Ensuring education reform enhances patient outcome: providers’ planning and driving a workforce budget of £5bn 

This briefing looks at how the creation of Health Education England and Local Education and Training Boards provides the opportunity for employers to ensure that the £5 billion annual national investment in education and training delivers the best possible patient outcome.

Changes to the community pharmacy Medicines Use Review (MUR) service

From 1st July 2012, new data capture requirements for the community pharmacy MUR service will be implemented. There are also planned changes to the requirement to inform the patient’s GP that an MUR has taken place but the implementation of these changes is subject to the amendment of the relevant Directions.