Developing English and Maths skills: 29 Oct

A practical look at digital support for the health sector

City & Guilds on 29 October 2014 (12.00 – 12.40) for a FREE webinar exploring how to make the most of digital resources to develop maths and English skills in the healthcare workforce.

Look out for future webinars and information the events page.

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A new resource: SNAP

SNAP – the free online numeracy resource is ready to be used and was launched on
26 September 2011.

SNAP is a region wide, cross sector collaboration of major organisations in the process of planning, designing and producing a Standardised Numeracy Assessment resource for use across several healthcare sectors:

• As a learning resource during healthcare cadetships, Access to Nursing, and other healthcare programmes within colleges of further education

• During selection processes for admission to pre-registration nurse education and other allied health professional preparation courses by Higher Education Institutes

• By service provider organisations wishing to confirm and further develop the numeracy skills of its newly recruited and/or qualified staff, plus existing (e.g. mentor and supervisor) workforce.

SNAP is funded by the Northwest Council of Deans of Health and NHS Northwest.  The link to SNAP is