Senior, K; Nursing Standard; Analysis article; November 2012

Featured in the latest issue of Nursing Standard is Kath Senior, East Cheshire Trust’s director of nursing and senior ward sister, Melanie Pearson.

In this article, ‘Having the time to oversee the ward has made a huge difference’ an exclusive Nursing Standard survey of NHS organisations shows that few ward sisters enjoy fully supervisory status.

See Nursing Standard: November 28; Vol 27 no 13;; 2012 (Athens login required)


Gower, A, Nursing Standard Jan 2012

This article entitled ‘Healthy Ageing’ was recently published in the Nursing Standard, January 2012, vol./is. 26/18(59-60), 0029-6570;0029-6570 (2012 Jan 4-10)

Publication Type: Journal Article

Available in fulltext at EBSCOhost (NHS Evidence)
Available in fulltext at ProQuest

Available in print at Staff Library Service Macclesfield District General Hospital; Note: Imperfect