Well worth a look in QIPP

“The Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPPcollection is intended to be a resource for everyone in the NHS, public health and social care for making decisions about patient care or the use of resources.”

As part of NICE Evidence (National Institute for Clinical Excellence), this site is well worth exploring and encourages submissions from others. Here are some sample topics which give a flavour of the collection:

  • Giving intravenous iron in patients’ homes and community hospitals

    The rural geography of Cornwall means that many patients needed to travel for up to 1 hour to receive a dose of intravenous iron. This journey time increased during the summer because of the extra traffic caused by seasonal …

    QIPP, 22 August 2013 – Publisher: Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust – Publication type: Quality and productivity collection examples

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  • Diabetes inpatient care: ThinkGlucose programme

    ThinkGlucose is designed to improve the care of people with diabetes when they are admitted to hospital. Patients with a secondary diagnosis of diabetes who receive the right care for their diabetes are able to return home fitter, more safely and ….

    QIPP, 20 June 2013 – Publisher: NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement – Publication type: Quality and productivity collection examples

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  • Safety Express: a national pilot to deliver harm free care

    The QIPP Safe Care workstream launched its pilot, ‘Safety Express’, in January 2011. Over 1000 frontline staff in England worked collaboratively with a shared aim to deliver ‘harm-free’ care, defined as the absence of pressure ulcers, falls, …

    QIPP, 20 June 2013 – Publisher: QIPP Safe Care Programme, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust and University of Central Lancashire – Publication type: Quality and productivity collection examples

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  • Self management for chronic knee pain: using group physiotherapy to teach exercises and coping strategies

    Chronic peripheral joint pain (usually labelled osteoarthritis) is a major cause of suffering, physical disability, psychosocial distress, and direct and indirect healthcare and socioeconomic costs. Pain induced limitation of mobility and

    QIPP, 09 April 2013 – Publisher: Sevenoaks District General Hospital – Publication type: Quality and productivity collection examples

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  • Wireless working in hospitals: Improving efficiency and safety of out-of hours

    Coordination and communication between hospital wards and team members has been a major issue locally and nationally. Standard pager and landline telephone systems are prone to delays. When pagers are answered, tasks must be interrupted to …

    QIPP, 09 April 2013 – Publisher: Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust – Publication type: Quality and productivity collection examples

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BMJ Learning modules: Rheumatology

This week from BMJ Learning: A 70 year old woman with heart failure has just been discharged after her fourth hospital admission in three months. She is tolerating her medication, which includes maximum doses of an angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor, a beta blocker, spironolactone, and digoxin, and she still seems to be getting some benefit from them. Her husband is worried about her and mentions that she seems low in spirits. What might be going on? And what should you do? If you are not sure, then this module will help. Palliative care in non-malignant disease

PLUS some of the popular modules on rheumatology. They give an important update on a range of common dilemmas.

Rheumatoid arthritis: an update on management – in association with NICE

Osteoarthritis: a guide to management in adults – in association with NICE

Acute back pain: an up to date guide

Chronic back pain: an update on diagnosis and treatment

Giant cell arteritis: diagnosis and treatment

Tip of the week: Attend the BMJ Masterclass in Rheumatology for a full update in the latest clinical developments in rheumatic diseases. Taking place Friday 22nd November in London, this masterclass is suitable for all physicians and GPs with a specialty interest

NICE guidance update

The following guidance has been published or updated:

Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
Stroke rehabilitation

The following topics have been published or updated:

Acute coronary syndrome – prasugrel with PCI (review TA182) [ID 648]
Antenatal and postnatal mental health (update)
Arrythmias – ICDs & Heart failure – cardiac resynchronisation [ID481]
Complex fractures
Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis – pirfenidone
Insertion of a subcutaneous implantable cardioverter defibrillator for prevention of sudden cardiac death
Lung cancer (non small cell, non squamous) – pemetrexed (maintenance following pemetrexed & cisplatin) [ID489]
MI – secondary prevention (update)
Osteoarthritis (update)
Prostate cancer update
Psoriatic arthritis – etanercept, infliximab, & adalimumab (review)
Renal cell carcinoma (advanced) – axitinib [ID518]
Self-monitoring coagulometers (CoaguChek XS system, INRatio2 PT/INR monitor and ProTime Microcoagulation system), for self-testing or self-managing coagulation status in people for whom long-term vitamin K antagonist therapy is intended.
Stroke rehabilitation
Stroke rehabilitation
Tuberculosis (update)
Vertebral fractures – vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty [ID308]