Murthy, Creech, Burgoyne, Stead, Babores; American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine: May 2011

Journal: Conference Abstract

Follow-on patient satisfaction survey of Rapid Access Lung Cancer Clinic (RALC) 5 years after initiation

Authors: (Naveed) Royal Liverpool University Hospital, Liverpool, United Kingdom;  (Murthy, Creech, Burgoyne, Stead, Babores) Macclesfield General Hospital, Macclesfield, United Kingdom

Language: English

Abstract: Introduction: A one stop RALC was set up in our hospital in 2003. We surveyed patients’ satisfaction six months following initiation of the clinic (2004) showing a very good response. We have, now, re-surveyed patients’ satisfaction five years later (2009) using the same questionnaire to assess whether we have maintained similarly high patients’ satisfaction. Method: A questionnaire was posted to 38 randomly selected patients between January ’09 to March ’09 and the responses were sent back to us anonymously. Analysis was performed on parameters such as satisfaction with the information provided, understanding of diagnosis, time to ask questions, things which could be improved by doctors/nurse, things which could be improved in the clinic as a whole, seeing a McMillan nurse in the clinic and finding that helpful. These results were then compared to those in 2004. Results: The response rate was 30/38 (80%). Most patients continued to be happy with the level of information they were given (29/30 (97%)). All patients felt satisfied with their understanding of the diagnosis and the time available to ask questions. 24/30 (80%) patients saw a Macmillan lung cancer nurse on the day of the clinic in 2009.  All of them found it helpful and felt that was the right time to see a Macmillan nurse.
Majority of patients felt that nothing could have been improved upon by the doctor or nurse in the clinic (28/30 (93%)). As regards improvement in the clinic as a whole, only 5/30 (17 %) felt that there were things that could be improved upon. Most of these
comments related to waiting times from being seen in clinic to having CT scans and bronchoscopy later on that day. Below is a comparison of the above parameters between 2004 and 2009 (Graph 1). (Graph presented) Conclusion: This survey demonstrates that patients continue to remain highly satisfied with the level of service provided by this one stop clinic five years from its conception. A ‘one-stop’ RALC clinic significantly reduces time from first appointment to referral to a tertiary centre without reducing patient care and satisfaction.
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Page 7  Conference Information: American Thoracic Society International Conference, ATS 2011 Denver, CO United States. Conference Start: 20110513 Conference End: 20110518
Publisher: American Thoracic Society
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