Primary care road map grounded in patients’ and providers’ needs

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Constant talk of a crisis in primary care will be consigned to the past if the recommendations of an independent commission on the future of primary care are implemented – several of which reflect proposals put forward by the NHS Confederation and National Association of Primary Care (NAPC) on behalf of members.

This is the conclusion of Health Education England’s Primary Care Workforce Commission, which last Wednesday (22 July) set out recommendations for a patient-centred, population-based model for primary care.

Website to watch

primarycare_protocolsFor staff working in primary care a website called PRIMARY CARE PROTOCOLS may be of interest.

It’s target audience includes practice managers, district nurse teams, clinic nurses, GPs – anyone involved in governance and setting protocols.

Extract from the site  

“Primary Care Protocols is a website which aids collaborative development of protocols to aid managers and clinicians working within the NHS. By using an innovative approach we are able to allow our users to collaborate in an online environment to work together to develop gold standard protocols.”

Some recent protocols include:

For more information please visit Primary Care Protocols