The quality framework for e-learning

Skills for Health News

Following on from the publication of the Department of Health’s Framework for Technology Enhanced Learning (Nov 2011) for England, Skills for Health and the e-learning Leads for the Strategic Health Authorities have developed a quality framework for e-learning.

This framework sets out key quality principles to be considered when developing an e-learning programme for use by the healthcare workforce. The framework articulates a set of expectations around minimum quality thresholds for e-learning. This framework can be used to evaluate the quality of currently available courses and other e-learning activities, and help identify those areas for potential enhancement.

The framework, which includes a useful checklist, is particularly helpful to commissioners of e-learning and those involved in the design, delivery and evaluation of e-learning. The framework can be accessed here.

As part of its remit to support the development of the health sector workforce through effective education, Skills for Health is committed to supporting the sector to fully benefit from the greater use of learning technologies such as e-learning.

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