Selected BMJ topics: 11 November 2014

Clinical review
Renal cell carcinoma   –     Eric Jonasch, Jianjun Gao, and W Kimryn Rathmell

Carpal tunnel syndrome   – Scott D Middleton and Raymond E Anakwe

Measuring symptomatic relief in men with lower urinary tract symptoms

Marco H Blanker, Kenny R van Deventer, and Dick Bijl

Safety of modern treatment for cervical pre-cancer

Björn Strander and Jan Adolfsson

J Broomfield*, P Ralte, S Morapudi, N Vasireddy and S Kershaw; Journal of Surgical Case Reports

Title: Anterior knee pain: an unusual presentation of renal cell carcinoma

Metastasis of any kind to the patella is rare. Metastasis to the patella causing symptoms representing the first presentation of underlying malignancy is rarer still. We report the case of a previously fit and well 74-year-old male presenting with left anterior knee pain. The initial diagnosis was osteoarthritis but after continued symptoms a diagnosis of solitary patella metastasis from a primary renal cell carcinoma was confirmed.

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