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This week from BMJ Learning: A 70 year old woman with heart failure has just been discharged after her fourth hospital admission in three months. She is tolerating her medication, which includes maximum doses of an angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor, a beta blocker, spironolactone, and digoxin, and she still seems to be getting some benefit from them. Her husband is worried about her and mentions that she seems low in spirits. What might be going on? And what should you do? If you are not sure, then this module will help. Palliative care in non-malignant disease

PLUS some of the popular modules on rheumatology. They give an important update on a range of common dilemmas.

Rheumatoid arthritis: an update on management – in association with NICE

Osteoarthritis: a guide to management in adults – in association with NICE

Acute back pain: an up to date guide

Chronic back pain: an update on diagnosis and treatment

Giant cell arteritis: diagnosis and treatment

Tip of the week: Attend the BMJ Masterclass in Rheumatology for a full update in the latest clinical developments in rheumatic diseases. Taking place Friday 22nd November in London, this masterclass is suitable for all physicians and GPs with a specialty interest

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What would you do?

A 75 year old left-handed woman with pain and stiffness in her left shoulder which has been worsening over the last year or two, comes to see you. She also has pain in both hips. On examination she has a global loss of movement of her left shoulder and both hips. What is the most likely diagnosis? And what should you do? If you are not sure, then this module will help. Click on the link to complete it today.

Shoulder examination and diagnosis

And here are our most popular modules on pain for you to complete. They give an important update on a range of common dilemmas.

Knee pain in rheumatology

Abdominal pain in children

Functional recurrent abdominal pain in children: assessment and management

Latest learning modules from BMJ Learning





BMJ Learning set this scenario:

You see a 40 year old woman with a two day history of left knee pain. She is unable to stand on the left leg due to this. Her knee is warm, swollen, and tender on examination. What is the most likely diagnosis? And what would you do? If you would like to learn more about this topic, then click on the link to complete this module today.

Knee pain in rheumatology

Additional emergency medicine for you to complete. They give an important update on a range of common dilemmas. 

Chest pain of recent origin – assessment and diagnosis: in association with NICE

Early management of adults with an uncomplicated first generalised seizure 

Epilepsy – in association with NICE

Knight, S, et al; Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, June 2012

The influence of anti-TNF therapy upon incidence of keratinocyte skin cancer in patients with rheumatoid arthritis:    Longitudinal results from the British Society for Rheumatology Biologics Register
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Source: EMBASE

Risk of skin and soft tissue infections (including shingles) in patients exposed to anti-tumour necrosis factor therapy:

Risk of skin and soft tissue infections (including shingles) in patients exposed to anti-tumour necrosis factor therapy: results from the British Society for Rheumatology …

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Dr Knight was one of a number of consultants  acknowledged in this publication for their ‘enthusiastic collaboration’.

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Abstract available – Athens required