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EY Tang, S Knight: Rheumatology; April 2014

This conference abstract on A local audit of pulmonary hypertension screening in systemic sclerosis in the north western region, written by Tang E.Y.; Knight S.

Citation: Rheumatology (United Kingdom), April 2014, vol./is. 53/(i118), 1462-0324 (April 2014)

Abstract: Background: Scleroderma, both limited and diffuse, can be associated with pulmonary hypertension. This can be life threatening. Licensed treatments are now available. In the North Western region, this rare condition is diagnosed and managed in conjunction with the Sheffield Pulmonary Hypertension Unit. This unit has developed national guidelines for screening for pulmonary hypertension in this patient group. This retrospective audit was to assess how well we comply with the guidelines and whether steps need to be taken to improve compliance.

Methods: Patients identified from Medisave programme by searching scleroderma, SSc, CREST. Proforma was designed based on the Sheffield guidelines.

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