The Better Weight-Better Sleep Study: A Pilot Intervention in Primary Care.

Citation: American Journal of Health Behavior, 01 May 2012, vol./is. 36/3(319-334), 10873244
Author(s): Logue, Everett E., Bourguet, Claire C., Palmieri, Patrick A., Scott, Edward D., Matthews, Beth A., Dudley, Patricia, Chipman, Katie J.
Language: English


 To explore the feasibility of integrating sleep management interventions with dietary and exercise interventions for obesity in a 12-week randomized trial.

Methods: We randomized 49 overweight or obese adult patients either to a better weight (BW) cognitive behavioral intervention, or to a combination of the BW intervention and a better sleep intervention, better weight-better sleep (BWBS). Results: The BWBS group lost weight faster (P=.04), and coping self-efficacy accelerated (P=.01).

Conclusions: These preliminary results merit replication in a larger primary care-based trial with a longer continuous intervention and followup period.
Publication type: journal article
Source: CINAHL
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