Advancing Practice: from staff nurse to nurse consultant. Part 2: setting objectives

Advancing Practice: from staff nurse to nurse consultant. Part 2: setting objectives

John Fowler

British Journal of Nursing, Vol. 22, Iss. 2, 24 Jan 2013, pp 116

This series of articles is designed to help you advance your nursing practice. The first article explored the motivation to advance practice and the differences between specialist and advanced practice. This article will examine the importance of setting objectives.

Lucas, A; Continuing professional development, friend or foe?


Published in British Journal of Midwifery, Vol. 20, Iss. 8, 02 Aug 2012, pp 576 – 581

This article demonstrates processes used by managers to identify learning needs including the attainment of competencies, self assessment and appraisal. 

Adamson et al (1998) suggests that a career is not just about what one does for a living, but about what one has done in the past, does now and might do in the future. Sennett (1998) concurs, relating a career to a ladder to be climbed to reach a desire for status and fulfilment. It is also believed that the learning process should be prominent in career planning (Mumford, 1990)—indeed acquiring new skills has enabled me to develop into my current role as a ‘functional‘ manager (Charan et al, 2001).learning methods are reviewed as the author reflects on the importance of continuous professional development within her organisation.

My career pathway has changed from being purely clinical as a Labour Ward lead, to containing increased elements of management especially after my promotion to Deputy Head of Midwifery. The change in direction was the result of choices which involved self-awareness and self-efficacy, and were consistent with where I saw my role in the future.  …… Full article requires Athens account 

Amanda Lucas
Deputy Head of Midwifery and Women’s Services/Supervisor of Midwives,
Macclesfield Hospital,
East Cheshire NHS Trust

Tracheostomy Management Study Session

tracheostomyTracheostomy Management Study Session  to be held on 06/02/13 – 13.00-17.00
Education and Training Centre, Macclesfield District General Hospital.

This study session is open to all East Cheshire NHS Trust Acute and Community staff caring for patients with a tracheostomy, covering all aspects of its management.

For further information please contact Kate Heath ENT NP 01625 661285 or email

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