Lunchtime with Library Staff

nice_nhs_evidenceOn Monday lunchtime 13 October, Library staff will be on hand in the Staff Canteen. It’s a great opportunity to register, find out all the benefits and bombard them with questions. If you have recently enrolled on academic study and would like to brush up on your evidence based searching skills, then look no further!  Book a 1:1 session with Steve or Carole and demystify the various databases!


Join the Library in the Staff Restaurant

To make it even easier to join your staff library and find out what services we offer, library staff will be in the staff restaurant between 12.30-1.30 on the following dates:

  • Tuesday 8 April
  • Thursday 1 May
  • Tuesday 13 May
  • Tuesday 10 June

So why not come along and join the library and see how we can help you.

Jean King, Information Governance Manager, will also be available to help you get started with your IG training.