Testing European doctors’ language powers

Extract from GMC

“The UK Government has announced plans to give the GMC new powers to check the English language skills of doctors from Europe when we have concerns about their ability to communicate effectively.

We are already able to check the language skills of doctors who qualified outside Europe, and to refuse to grant their registration if they cannot speak English to a safe standard. But UK law prevents us from checking doctors who qualified within the European Union.”


The GMC also produces some useful standards and ethics guidance for doctors


Patients to get better care from healthcare assistants


apronsandfeetA new independent review will look at how the training and support of healthcare and care assistants can be strengthened so they give better care to patients, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt announced today.

The review will be led by Times journalist Camilla Cavendish who will report back to Government at the end of May. It will look at how healthcare assistants can have the training and support they need to provide essential services to the highest standards. Ms Cavendish will also look at how recruitment can be strengthened to place the right people, with the right values and behaviours, in the right settings.

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FGDP(UK) publishes new standards book

The Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK) launched its new standards book, Antimicrobial Prescribing for General Dental Practitioners, at the British Dental Conference.

Speaking at the launch, dean of the FGDP(UK) Russ Ladwa said: ‘This is a very timely book. I was at a talk this morning on the non-surgical treatment of periodontal disease, where the speaker talked about the over-prescription and misuse of antimicrobials.

via Dental News | FGDP(UK) publishes new standards book.

NHS National End of Life Care Programme

End of life care co-ordination: core content
This national information standard specifies the core record content to support the provision of high-quality co-ordinated care at the end of life. The standard facilitates consistent recording of information by health and social care agencies and, with the consent of the individual, supports safe and effective management and sharing of information.

New Standards for underpinning safe and effective care

Extract from Skills for Health

Healthcare support workers and adult social care workers play an important role in delivering high quality care.

We are pleased to announce that Skills for Health and Skills for Care have been invited by the Department of Health (DH, England) to develop a framework that will ensure healthcare support workers and adult social care workers in England are supported in delivering safe and effective care through the development of a Code of Conduct and minimum standards including those for induction. The outcomes of the project will be used to inform any future plans for voluntary regulation of these roles.

In discussion with DH, Skills for Health and Skills for Care are developing the project plans and identifying the outcomes to be delivered. We will present a first draft of the project plan to DH by the end of January 2012. Once these have been agreed by all parties, we will begin the project with a range of stakeholders to progress the initiative taking account of similar work that has already been undertaken especially in other UK nations.

To find out more please email Christina.Pond@skillsforhealth.org.uk

Manual Handling of Children Standards Manual 2011

Extract from The National Back Exchange website at http://www.nationalbackexchange.org

Manual Handling of Children Standards Manual

New Manual Handling of Children publication available from NBE.

Following the success of the Standards in Manual Handling (2010) NBE has continued with its plan to publish specialist books and now presents: Manual Handling of Children 2011.

Manual Handling of Children aims to be the definitive publication on the issues surrounding the manual handling of children in a variety of community settings.

This book is written by Carole Johnson and Pat Alexander both of whom have a wealth of experience in paediatric manual handling and have presented at both national and international conferences on this subject.

Updated chemotherapy standards will inform new transferable roles

Courtesy of Skills for Health

Following joint working with the National Cancer Action Team (England) and input from UK practitioners, the revised National Occupational Standards (NOS) for chemotherapy and chemotherapy-related pharmacy have been approved by UKCES and the UK NOS Panel. The new standards will shape the development of new transferable roles for chemotherapy practitioners. For guidance on how NOS can be used to enhance service provision, please visit the Skills for Health website.