2 articles: Psychological care after stroke + Managing COPD

NHS Improvement
Psychological care after stroke: improving stroke services for people with cognitive and mood disordersThis publication is intended to be a guide for services who would like to improve psychological support for people with stroke. The target audience is clinical staff working in stroke services who would like to make local improvements but also stroke networks, SHA leads and commissioners of stroke services interested in large scale improvement in psychological support after stroke.

Managing COPD as a long term condition: emerging learning from the national improvement projects
This report contains practical examples to support clinical teams in delivering quality and productivity to patients and a wide range of stakeholders.

Support group for carers of stroke survivors

Foundation of Nursing Studies
‘Caring for the Carers’ – the establishment of a support group for carers of stroke survivors 

Based on the identification of an unmet need and an acknowledgement of the benefits to be gained, a support group for carers of stroke survivors was established in one area of an integrated health and social care trust within Northern Ireland. This briefing looks at the aims and objectives of the project and the methods and approaches used to set up the support network.