Finding and Appraising Evidence

Searching for evidence is one thing but making sure what you find is accurate, up-to-date, and evidence based from a reputable source are all important factors which need to be considered.

Here is an excellent site which will guide you through the critical appraisal process of published research.

health_knowledgeFinding and Appraising the Evidence – by Amanda Burls and Anne Brice

What is a Cochrane Review?

In 2009, according to the Cochrane Library usage data that

“Every day someone, somewhere searches The Cochrane Library every second, reads an abstract every two seconds and downloads a full-text article every three seconds.”

If you’re a little unclear about Cochrane or systematic reviews and care enough about evidence based medicine to find out more, then go to Cochrane Reviews | The Cochrane Collaboration. Discover how they support healthcare staff to make the most informed decisions based on the latest evidence.

The Cochrane database of systematic reviews is included when searching NHS Evidence at