BJN: Teaching and Learning: from staff nurse to nurse consultant. Part 11: seminars

British Journal of Nursing, Vol. 21, Iss. 21, 22 Nov 2012, pp 1287

If you are working in a clinical area and have some involvement with students, you may well see part of that role as teaching them about the sort of conditions and care that your patients require. You may also think that you have to do that by conducting mini lectures. Have you tried using seminars in your clinical area?

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Podcast: Medical recordings in teaching guidance

New advice and guidance on making and using clinical healthcare recordings funded by the Strategic Content Alliance for learning and teaching launches today.

Clinical images, videos and other recordings are vital to good teaching and learning within the health care professions. Increasingly these are originated outside the institution that wishes to use them. This raises a number of legal, ethical and other issues relating to their re-use.

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