Information Prescription Service (IPS)

To IPS website

The Information Prescription Service (IPS) allows users, both professional and public, to create information prescriptions (IPs) for long-term health needs.

What is an information prescription?
Patients and carers want to know how to find information they can trust and rely on. Information prescriptions are a quick and easy way to provide information about conditions and local services.

The IPS brings together a wealth of information sources from NHS Choices and charity partners to make it easier for patients and carers to find the information they need.

How do information prescriptions help?
Information gives people the power and confidence to become partners in their care. It helps them to regain a sense of control over their lives and can reduce the fear and loneliness that the diagnosis of a life-threatening or long-term condition can bring.

User guides
The site is easy and straightforward to use but read the IPS user guides for more information.

Through the Cancer Resource Centre, our Trust is hoping to participate in this initiative during the ‘2nd wave’ of roll outs across the country. Watch out for more news and information concerning IPS.

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